Nina Maskiell

Art is my outlet to both escape and process the world around me. Exploration has always been at the heart of my practice and I am constantly trying to push my imagination into unknown territory.

I have spent a lot of time travelling the world and studying in institutions which have both heavily impacted my work.  I consider myself to be a self-taught illustrator, and I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT. It was during these studies that I experimented with soft sculpture, costume, sound and video art. This led me to a new style of illustration and a focused interest in animation, character design and world-building.

My work is influenced by sci-fi and fantasy films, animation, pop culture, technology, nature and spirituality. Each work is a microcosm of a much larger world. Each microcosm explores the questions I have about our future, and how we will relate to and co-exist with our environment, each other and ourselves. Some of my characters are caretakers of their unique environments, intertwined and elemental, while others are sad or angry at the social discord and destruction of their environment. However, at the heart of my creations is always an atmosphere of hope and optimism,

often conveyed through bright, joyful colours and playful landscapes.