'Sharing Senses'

A collaborative work created during a 1 month residency at the Transpecies Society, part of the Cyborg Foundation, in Barcelona in 2018. I worked closely with the engineer, Fenix Binario, as well as cyborg artists Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas and Manel De Aguas. 

The Cyborg Foundation is a community of individuals exploring ways to expand the human experience and create new senses, by applying technology to the human body. By aligning myself with this, I created the concept of a shared sensory organ which was explored through sound and vibration against the skin. The work was an interactive device, designed to be experienced by two people at a time. The audience felt frequencies ranging from 100 -10 000 hz at different points on their body, as well as feeling an ultrasound.

Upon reflection, this work created a space for me to reconsider the limits of human perception and opened up new possibilities in the exploration of technology as a tool for deeper connection and new sensory experiences.